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Welcome to my humble blog from which I’m going to share my obsession with wargaming in 6mm. Over the coming months I’m hoping to share with my fellow spods a fairly wide range of modelling and gaming projects, many with step by step photos, as well as the occasional related film and book review, plus photos from visits to historical shows and sites – typically in England – which is convenient as that’s where I live.

Like many Brits of my age I started wargaming with Airfix toys when someone kindly gave me a copy of the Airfix guide World War II Wargaming. This piqued my interest enough to spend precious pocket-money on a wargaming magazine where I saw my first ever advert for what was then called MicroArmour made by Heroics & Ross. Their half page advert appealled to me for reasons still relevent today.  The first was the scale which turned an average table into a battlefield of dramatic proportion, the second being how handy they were for storage and the third being their price, for each quid spent you could quite easily obtain eight to twelve vehicles. Prices have risen of course, and for the fine work of makers like GHQ or CinC one does have to pay a premium, but compared to every other scale this reasoning stands firm.

Over the coming months I hope you’ll find some of this interesting, well the parts where I’m not waffling on about myself, and if you’re a gaming in one of those over sized, over priced, and over played scales you should expect me to at least try to convert you to God’s Own Scale.

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