The brush is mightier than the machine pistol


Well it is in the hands of a decent painter. Having taken on my latest project of late western European WWII after a break from painting and making god sent hint that I’m not as young as I used to be. I honestly found I couldn’t do 6mm figures justice anymore, my eyes just weren’t playing along. So I sought a painter, and being mildly nationalistic in the nicest way possible I wanted a British one.

Sure there’s second or third world companies offering a lower price per figure, which I suspect can only be delivered by the tiny fingers of children, but the idea of sending figures half way around the globe to save pennies struck me as irresponsible in too many ways to list.

I did find one painter and sent off a small comission, sadly he ignored my request for late war so the Germans returned all in drab grey, and having missed the first offered delivery date many of them were rushed, plus they were sent back mixed so I had to sort them all out again. Minor gripes of course, but combined a distinct disincentive.

So the search was on for recommendations from fellow gamers, and thanks to the web those are just hours away and two names were repeatedly offered. One Angel Barracks who quickly apologised for having too much work on, the other being Firezone Studios. Luckily for me Phil of Firezone had a gap in his schedule and away went my figures and cash.

I say luckily but it was rather more a gift from the gods, and how very different from my first experience. Phil is first and foremost a gamer with the manners and humour of the classic old-school gamer, I imagine he’s one of those types you often find at shows who is impossible not to get on with. Fortunately he’s also a very good painter, which when merged with the first means you’re getting a service second to none and worth every penny.

He pays incredible attention to detail, which with the great figures from both GHQ and Adler really pays dividends but that keen eye extends to his service. He emailed me photos of the lot of them before he sent them, the image above being one of them, as well as showing these on his blog. A nice touch, only bettered when the figures return to show how the photos don’t really do them enough justice. I wanted to do my own basing, so Phil sents them back still mounted on the sticks, with the nationality and unit type written on the bottom, handy when you’re dealing with hundreds of figures.

However in an act of complete sefishness I don’t recommend him – yet. I’ve a pile more figures for him to do and I don’t want anyone else to discover how good he is until I’ve had him do the lot. So if you’re looking for a great figure painter kindly ignore every word you’ve just read.

p.s. Back in March Phil did suffer a personal set back which temporarily delayed his workload. Since then he’s not only bounced back back but also cleared his backlog of work. There was some mention of this on other websites, which may have negatively effected his reputation, however as one of those caught in the backlog I’d like to make it perfectly clear that it was a purely temporary delay through no fault of his own, his work remains outstanding and I’ve had no hesitation in remaining one of his very happy customers.

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