War Production Report


The production line for my late European WWII is whizzing along so here’s some photographs of the recently finished. First is the above building which is one of a series of refurbishments of scratchbuilds originally made in the mid-eighties which had deffo seen better days. I know you can’t see much but it’s to illustrate the posters on the wall, which are all printouts of wartime posters grabbed off the web. The tree is one of a big box I bought from one of those Chinese model railway vendors via Ebay.


Nice purchase from Ebay of a pontoon bridge for a couple of quid which needed little work on it bar painting and flocking. No idea who the manufacturer might be but I’ve never seen similar.


Another Ebay bargain, a decent pair of Sherman bulldozers probably made by H&R. I’ve added boxes, bags and barbed wire to them as cargo, and based them in action with shifted earth piling up in front of them.


British Command Group using GHQ pieces. I’ve added a few boxes and the commander of the Churchill tank, who was originally a grenade throwing infantryman. Shaped and filed his helmet to look like a beret, cut his pack off and bent his arms so he’s supporting himself on the roof of the turret. I’m very happy with this one.


GHQ Churchill VIIs.


CinC Stug IVs.


CinC Stug IV with a camo net made from very thin Miliput which was textured. It’s a shame to lose the legendary GHQ detail, but after the first three I was getting a little bored with how samey they were looking.


German Command Group with a commander added to the Tiger turret.

dscf06581GHQ Pumas.

dscf06591German softskins by various makers, the one at the back was painted by the boy Slug and rather well I think. These have been based at the back of the base so they can be used either independently or to tow guns. I’ve not done any of the guns yet, but once I have I’ll post pictures to show how this works if you haven’t got the idea behind it already.

dscf06641German Observers using GHQ, a Kettenkrad on the left and a Kubelwagen on the right. Based on tuppenny pieces, which gives a good idea of scale, if you know how big a tuppence is.

dscf06751British Para Command, GHQ with some added cargo to the trailer.

dscf06791British Observers using GHQ.

dscf06801British Carriers, a mix of GHQ universals and Scotia Lloyds, added passengers and cargo just to bring them to life a bit.

dscf06841British Infantry made by GHQ, painted by Firezone Studios and based by me.

dscf06901British halftracks just undergoing the finishing touches. I bought these off Ebay so no idea who the maker is, added baggage, passengers and the almost compulsory bossy officer pointing out the bleeding obvious. I’m  happy with these so expect another photo of them once they’ve been based. Bear in mind the bulk of the figures in this thread were painted by Phil Walling of Firezone Studios, and very nicely too.

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2 Responses to “War Production Report”

  1. The Sentient Bean Says:

    Nice one Phil! I like the flying halftracks, too. 🙂

    The building is bloody good. I think I have some of those Chinese trees from ebay. Never thought to use them in 6mm as you have. Any chance of a tutorial on the building or materials used? They’ve stood the test of time. Also, did you just take a punt on the size or did you get them right on scale?

  2. 6milphil Says:

    Well I had to find some way to bring the cost of airborne troops down. 😉

    I bought the smallest trees, which they list under N-scale.

    I will be doing tutorials soon as I’m a trifle obsessive with the scratchbuilding, but it’ll be after more photo’s of buildings, a mix of scratches and ready mades. They’re much easier to make to gaming standards than many think, the thing with the old ones is I’m repairing some of them, basing them and bringing them up to a more modern standard, as everything microscale has improved so much since I started playing.

    The scale is easy too, it’s all basically 1mm-1foot, so poorer buildings are typically smaller, richer ones larger. I tend to base it on floors or storeys, so a terrace around 7mm between floors while something posher could easily be 10mm. Once you’ve defined that windows & doors just fit in.


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