Buildings on Parade (part two)

dscf0705Time for some more buildings these are all bought ones. Here’s one of the wonderful Timecast models on a base, I’ve not fenced one side of it to allow a bit more room when it’s being used in a game. I’ve made the house look a bit grimy so it looks more urban than rural, but the open base means it would fit either kind of a layout.

dscf0706Added another of those Chinese trees, well I’ve got a box of them, and put a planked fence around two edges. The fencing was the first thing I did on the base, then the vegetable patch, the tree with the house going on last just before the flocking.

dscf0707The French do have a reputation for enjoying their food, so the veg patch was essential of course. All I need now is  figures for the grumpy French residents so they can come out and moan at any unit which dares stray onto their hard toiled soil.

dscf0736Another  Timecast model with their fencing too and Irregular Miniatures metal trees which has ended up looking quite charming.

dscf0737I have got it wrong with the layout so a base of troops or a vehicle won’t fit on it, which is a shame but not worth worrying about.

dscf0713A church bought from Sellthatstuffboy via Ebay, sadly he’s stopped trading now so no more goodies from him. An Irregular Miniatures metal tree in each corner and a stone wall made with miliput and laid a stone at a time, you can barely see it but behind the M10 is a section of downed wall.

dscf0717A photo slightly too blurred to show properly what it’s meant to, which is a section of wall and the flagstone path made from miliput. This ridiculous level of detail can fray you around the edges sometimes, that’s when it’s time to put it to one side and crack on with something more calming.

dscf07161No churchyard is complete with out gravestones but you do have to consider how playable you want the finished base to be. I decided to only put them either side of the church, leaving the rest of the space for plenty of game area. These too were made from miliput a great material but you do have to allow for it’s foibles. The warmer miliput gets the sticker it gets and thus the harder to work with, so the trick is to do a bit, let it cool, then do a bit more. For the gravestones I rolled it as thin as I could onto a piece of thin plasticard, let it cool, then cut the shapes I wanted and let it dry. Once dried I slightly bent the plasticard to lift the pieces and then superglued the individual pieces together. Bear in mind this is another one of those projects where all the detailing to the base was done prior to attaching the building.

dscf0730Last but not least is this combination of an old Gallia house from Ebay and a Timecast barn to portray a rural timber merchants. The time consuming but delightful looking planked fencing all the way around with a gap at the front slightly wider than the size of base I’m using for miniatures. The mud looks better than the photo of it, all the track marks are painted with a gloss finish to look wet and, well, muddy.

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