Acropolis Now

cnv00106Now here’s a joyful find of a model of the Greek Parthenon and perfect for 6mm, although I’ve neglected to include a miniature in the photo so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Found it in a junk shop for a massive two quid so I had it away immediately with the usual schoolboyish enthusiasm so unsuitable for a grown man. The thing is I don’t play ancients so not sure what to do with it aside from paint the damned thing. I suppose it might be interesting for some small scale SOE or Para type WWII scenario, but even then some bright spark is likely to notice that, unlike the real thing, this is not a ruin and Elgin is yet to turn up and “protect” the marbles.

cnv00108The good news is I managed to pry the two pieces apart, so painting will be easier. If I lacked scruples I suppose I’d start casting from this well detailed model and flogging it on an internet auction site, but I’m far too much of a gent and having grown up around England’s largest Greek community I don’t want to provoke the wrath of a single Greek thanks.

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