Bunker Wallah

dscf0739Here’s one of my most recent efforts at a scratchbuilt bunker with firing posts either side. To accomodate the base size I’m using it did have to be a little larger than I have liked, but it remains a playable piece. One detail I tried with this was the texture which a lot of bunkers have. Now if you’ve seen real bunkers you might know what I mean but for those who haven’t here’s a picture of the texture.


This texture is a side effect of the process used, namely a frame is made of wood planking and liquid concrete is poured into it. Once dried the frame is removed and the concrete is left with the impression of the wood. Although I think I’ve reasonably replicated it my texture is just too large to fit the 6mm scale, it’s more 10 or even 15mm, which is as close to blasphemy as I’ve ever got.

dscf0741Apologies for the blur, but it still shows how a base will fit the interior. All I’ve got to do know is work out how those cunning Canadians got an M10 through the tiny door.

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