This town is coming like a ghost town

cnv00143How time flys when you’re having fun but it does take a toil on your models. Except for the Mainly Military factory in the right foreground these were all scratchbuilt back in the 1980’s. The grey paint scheme is simplistic but worked especially as I was after a ghost town look than a living city. They’ve seen modern (as it was in the 80’s), and world war two games as well as some sci-fi and Twilight 2000 skirmishes, so for the time and cost have offered great value for money, plus they all stow away into a single shoebox.

However as you might be able to notice they’re starting to show signs of wear and tear, including some warping from being based on the same thickness plasticard as they’re made of.  Now they’re undergoing refurbishment in an ongoing project and the sharper eyed amongst you might even spot a few which have already featured in a “Buildings on Parade” post.

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