Housing market ruined

dscf0720Here’s a few buildings from the ghost town after refurbishment. Here I’ve based one ruined building on each corner of a 2mm MDF base with PVA glue and due to their own bases warping they had to be clamped. I also made a point of clamping the large base itself to something larger and unbendable so that the original warping didn’t simply translate into warping the MDF. Added extra rubble which covers a multitude of sins, added a wall around one corner and a couple of trees.  Flocked the whole base except for two edges which I left as pavements.

dscf0725Here’s another with old ruins on opposite sides of an MDF base. Gluing and clamping was the same as the previous. As you can see a based miniature fits comfortably and won’t do any damage so long as your rubble is solidly glued down and is well varnished.

dscf0726By the time I came to this one I was running out of the smaller ruins so I based it with an undamaged building. This too needed double clamping, added the tree, hedge and then the flock grass, short within the walled garden to look like it’s been mowed regularly and long on the rest leaving just one edge as pavement. The unruined building has been repainted, had a couple of posters added to a wall, but look closely and you can see it’s quite crude in it’s structure. If you’re new to scratchbuilding ruins are a good place to start, basic mistakes like crooked walls look deliberate and actually add to the finished look.

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  1. sommecourt Says:

    Great blog – look forward to reading more!

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