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dscf07181A bit more detail on these crude scratchbuilt shops which SentientBean liked enough to comment on when it appeared in the War Production post after refurbishment. This was first glued and clamped onto a 2mm MDF base. The roof in the original build was detached so I cut two fresh pieces of plasticard to replace them. The whole thing was repainted, and posters added to both end walls. As you can see the original cuts aren’t especially straight and it is a crude structure and as such should encourage other to get making their own buildings. However self-critical you might be of your own skills one thing to remember is a crude scratch build like this is better than a space on the table. I don’t really need any more buildings for this period, but in the future I will do a step by step build of another one, just so folk can see how simple it really is.

dscf0719On the rear garden walls were added, then a thin layer of MMD green putty to the base just to make it uneven especially where grass was going to meet bare soil. A small rut was left for the tree. The tree has a twisted wire base and I’ve found the easiest way to base them is to bend the bottom of the wire to ninety degrees and super glue it into place. If you’re using a few on the same base it looks more realistic if they’re different heights. Various chunkier flock was used for the plants, then short grass flock for the gardens and the patch along the side, the tree was glued into place, and longer grass flock used for the rest of it. I’ll get another twenty years play out of this one.


The most time consuming part was the posters, I wanted the look of many posters have been here over time so I started by just sticking on blank pieces of paper in irregular shapes, on top of that more recent and slightly battered or torn posters, and finally fresher ones over those. Weathering,  creasing and folding corners is fiddly and best done with the point of a scalpel before attaching to the model otherwise you may damage either the model or the paint. Most of these are nazi propaganda posters which you can find easily with a google image search. Grab a few, shrink them down, print them out and away you jolly well go.

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