If we build it they will come

dscf0747A small collection of buildings from the ghost town group awaiting refurbishment. I’m sharing these as an example of how if you can draw what you want on a piece of plasticard you can build it.

dscf0748There’s nothing special about any of these, they’re looking a trifle dated and tatty, but the technique still applies as shown in the simplistic house project.

dscf0751Plus unlike bought models, you can make them to exactly fit your gaming needs, whether that’s scenario, period or deployment. This ruin made an excellent hideaway for a small counterattacking force time and time again, it even has a couple of handy floors, one for an observer, another for a sniper. Another benefit is just how cheap it was to make.

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2 Responses to “If we build it they will come”

  1. sommecourt Says:

    Your blog gets better and better, Phil. Have added a link to you from mine:


    • 6milphil Says:

      Thanks mate, I’ll do similar for you. It’s coming on and it’s produced an excellent reason to tuck on with the modelling.

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