Tracks keep turning

dscf0917The 6milPhil war production conveyor belt gathers pace and first out the factory doors this week are three M10s. I’m not sure who made them as I bought a pile of the pieces for the WWII project from ebay. They’re deffo not GHQ or CinC but still good pieces though.

dscf0919I’ve added two crew to each, which was a bit of a squeeze, boxes and bags as cargo and I had some of the spent shell pieces from an Adler gun crew pack left over, so there’s one on this base to show tossed away empty shell cases. Give it sixty years and this base will be two middle-aged WWII buffs with a metal detector and a digital camera.

dscf0921M3/5 Halftracks, again from an unknown maker. Miliput bags and boxes, a few passengers, an officer and a gunner (all GHQ) which bring the vehicle to life. I can almost hear the officer pointing out the bleeding obvious; “There’s a road over there.”, “That MG is firing at us.”, etc.

dscf0922Another with a different load, the GHQ passenger packs are pretty dull really. They’re the ones sitting like they’re on a bus during the morning rush hour. Adding the gunner helps, but hacking the legs off an infantry figure really was the key to animating the piece. Without any added figures it looks just like what it is, an empty vehicle. Not a good look especially as it can reduce the look of a mass offensive to a mere car park.

dscf0924This one shows what I mean about using infantry pieces, as it lacks one and doesn’t look as alive as the others.

dscf0925This blurred shot of an Elefant does help hide the lack of detail, but I do feel the urge to add something to this before allowing it on the table. It’s an old piece of course, and shows how much miniatures have evolved, back in the 70’s we were all happy with this level of detail. This one was painted and based by the boy Slug and he’s helped to rescue an otherwise unusuable piece I think. Well done lad.

dscf0926A trio of Tigers, and rather irritatingly I know, of unknown make. These are all quite nicely detailed. When basing I try to make a point of not setting them all square. I also glue the turrets in place, which I know removes some of the childish fun in turning a big turret housing a massive gun to point at some helpless target, but for storage it makes good sense. After decades of finding an otherwise well stored collection having shed half a dozen turrets which then have to be matched back up I’m going for the easy life.

dscf0929Finally a Hanomag, with a couple of added figures and cargo. Now and then I base pieces with a bit more ground detail like this one which has a ditch running across it. There’s no deep rationale to any of this other than to make what are identical castings all look different. It can help unit identification when you’re playing more than one player per side, but that’s swings and runabouts isn’t it? All’s tickerty-boo when it helps you to know immediately which vehicle your supporting column is meant to follow, but it can turn to tears when the enemy starts dropping artillery with the same immediacy.

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