Bargains at 10 o’clock!

dscf1007Those trips to the local Modelzone finally paid off. Usually it involves buying something unexciting like miliput for myself, or something more fun but not 6mm scale for the boy Slug or Stinky. This week I found two models which suit me. Both are Corgi from their BBMF collection. First the Lancaster which is almost spot on for 1/300th, having a wingspan of around 4.25 inches to what should be 4.08 inches by my reckoning. It’s marked as the Dambuster “Phantom of the Ruhr”, has rotating props, gear up and comes with a clear plastic stand. Almost worth renaming the dog for…

dscf1009There’s also a perfectly agreeable Dakota, this is also roughly 4.25 inches in wingspan, which with my reckoning makes it nearly spot on for 1/285th. This one is marked as 267 ‘Pegasus’ Squadron, has rotating props, gear up and a plastic stand. As any 6mm devotee knows it’s quite difficult to get ready made models suitable for the scale, the joy with these two is they’re playable out of the box and at full price cost only £4.99 each.

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