dscf0936Three CinC Panzer IVs finished a while ago and these pictures sat on my memory card, I thought I’d posted them but I hadn’t, so here they are. I’ve made an effect to strengthen the barrels with a thin coat of superglue. I think I’ve captured the tone and contrast of the camo colour better than ever before. The high detail really helps too, although I may have put the skirts on the wrong way, as I used the photo on CinC’s web site as the reference rather than a real photo. Tut bleeding tut.

dscf0939I’ve become protective of the barrels of the finer models from both CinC and GHQ, for this one I’ve even built a bush in the hope of guarding against in-game damage.

dscf0942This is a much riskier pose, the tearing over a low embankment and ditch look. It looks more dramatic than the photo can show. Pleasant trio though, on a table near me soon!

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5 Responses to “Taxi!”

  1. Pz8 Says:

    Nice, but it is a Panzer IV H, not a “Tiger IV” (never existed a tank with this name).

  2. 6milphil Says:

    Quite right, thanks for the clarification on an oversight borne in part by the late hour.

  3. Rhys Says:

    Looks bloody good whatever it is!

  4. Pz8 Says:

    Anyway I like very much your 6mm stuff… excellent.

  5. maidstone gamer Says:

    Keep blogging, great job!…

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