Box happy

dscf1030This find is a healthy mix of “Hey 6mm gamers look at this…” and an attempt to convert those larger scale heathens amongst us. Above is a filing system from mega stationers Staples designed for lugging around sheets of A4 paper, they’re cheapest in a pack which sells for around twelve quid.

dscf1034But wait, what can we see lurking just below the sheen of milky plastic?

dscf1031Aha, it’s the niftiest game storage system ever! With the additional of a few magnetic materials from Trevor each case will comfortably house 35 bases of miniatures, and I use largish 35mm square bases, a total of 175 in the whole thing and incredibly easy to stow away or transport compared to other scales.

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5 Responses to “Box happy”

  1. Rhys Says:

    Fiendish idea that. I’ve been wondering how I was going to lug mine around… I think I’ll have to shamelessly half inch that idea off you.

  2. 6milphil Says:

    No problem, just so long as we don’t accidently walk off with each others figures. One point I will add is that they’re available in different depths too, so worth a little pre-purchase measuring. It’d be ghastly to snap shut a lid only to realise the pikemen inside had become anglers…

  3. strangevistas Says:

    Do have a name for this item? I went to Staples but didn’t find anything like it on the shelves. I was thinking of ordering online.

  4. 6milphil Says:

    No I don’t have a name, and I had a quick look on their site and had no luck finding it either. I’ll have a look on the item and see if it hasn’t got a clue…
    Right it’s KEYWAY brand and item number FB001, search with this info on the staples website and it produces zero results, however here; under the back to school section it is listed, but that’s of no use because it’s all bulk buying and Taiwanese.
    No idea what to suggest mate, but if you find a way forward please share it.

  5. siggian Says:

    I use a tool box/compartment box that has plastic trays that slide into it. I line my plastic trays with magnetic paper (or whatever you call that stuff) and because I base my minis on .22 guage steel, they don’t budge at all during transportation. The toolbox has an upper area and I use that to transport smaller terrain features such as hedges, fences, and buildings

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