Tracks a plenty


First are some GHQ Cromwells, really good fun to work on and the usual razor sharp detail.

DSCF1171 Attaching the crop rows was done after the tank had been fixed to the base, this made it more difficult than it should have been, so if I try this again I’ll do the crops first.


Shermans of unknown manufacture, easy enough to paint but slightly lacking in the detail I’m rather decadently getting used to with GHQ and CinC.

DSCF1156A trio of GHQ Humber MKII armoured cars. One of the problems with adopting a single standard base size across a microscale army is how smaller pieces like this can look lonely on the base. I may well go back to this one and add some bushes.

DSCF1158A Hummel of unknown brand, with Adler crew added. It’s quite odd to see pictures of these so much larger than the model itself.

DSCF1159Another Hummel, again with Adler crew. I particularly like the way the chap has his hands over his ears, it really brings the piece to life.

DSCF1161A very mixed base here. Another piece from an ebay purchase of unknown parentage in the shape of an 88mm gun, but with a crew of Adler & GHQ, and the nice extra of a box of ammo – a number of which are included in Adler crew sets. This one’s not quite finished so expect me to recycle it in a later post.

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4 Responses to “Tracks a plenty”

  1. siggian Says:

    Yes, the ammo boxes and loose shells that come with Adler artillery figures are a very nice touch. I just finished basing some American AT guns and the addition of these bits to the stand improves the overall look, especially because I was able to get it so that the spent ammo shells look like they are nestled in the grass.

  2. 6milphil Says:

    Quite, got any photos?

  3. Jorge Says:

    I think the SP artillery is a Wespe, not a Hummel, but I can´t identify the manufacturer. Maybe Heroics & Ros?…

    Congratulations for your GREAT site!

  4. 6milphil Says:

    You could well be right, a large number of these were all bought without bags from ebay.

    Glad you like it mate.

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