Field of dreams


This project is all about building yourself a few fields, and like all these projects it starts off with a photo which looks so uninteresting it’s a wonder anyone reads these posts. But folk do read them so let’s start. You need something for the base, originally I was going to build three but in the end I decided on two. I’m using 2mm thick MDF, which has been cut to my standard sizes, sanded and primed with a green spray paint.

DSCF1146Next it’s time to work out whats field and what’s not with two tones of brown paint, all of these fields will have hedge or fencing, and on the larger borad I’m going for two fields, taking care to make sure the smaller one will be roomy enough for a base of miniatures. I’ve also made the smallest one slightly different in shape, as all rectangular fields might look too samey.


Prior to adding the plants I’ve squiggle washed a dark brown over the whole board just to break it up a bit. Then it was the planting. The plants start with small lines or dollops of PVA glue, to which flock is added. Now you’re used very small amounts of glue so you have to do a few rows then flock, do a few more rows and then flock, etc. If you try to put all the glue on in one go by the time you come to flock you’ll find a lot of the glue has dried. Also if you want troops and vehicles to wander over your fields don’t pile the crops on too high, they’ll just get worn away and eventually fall off.


Then I added the hedging, which is Javis flexible hedging for model railways. On the left one I’ve hacked it up a bit to look more like a rural hedgerow, while on the left I’ve used them as is. To my mind they look too fancy, a bit like the maze at Hampton Court Palace. I’ve also added a section of metal fence from Irregular as well as the last metal tree I had left from their metal tree pack. Mike over at Angel Barracks has a smart and cheaper way to make identical hedges, which I’ll use in future. It’s in the forum so go have a butchers.

DSCF1179I wasn’t happy with the finish of the Javis hedges, another reason to just do it the AB way, so I roughly reflocked them. Then flocked around the parts of the ground which would have grass, and added a bush.

DSCF1182Here’s a detail of the smaller field with the finished 88 base I was wittering about a couple of days ago.

DSCF1184Notice how the rougher cut hedging looks more like a country hedge.

DSCF1185A low shot showing the advantage of not making your crops too high. With a couple of coats of varnish, and perhaps even one of PVA, these low ones give the effect, but won’t wear away. Aside from the laying of the crops these two bases of fields were very quick and simple to do.

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5 Responses to “Field of dreams”

  1. siggian Says:

    Those hedges sure look like the green potscrubbers I use for hedges. i’m going to try dipping mine into some field turf to get a little more variety in them.

  2. siggian Says:

    Hmm, just as Angel Barracks describes, except that I wouldn’t have done the soap and not had the same success. Thanks for the link.

  3. 6milphil Says:

    Glad it proved useful. Yes they’re very similar to using pot-scrubbers but slightly more expensive so I’ll be using the scrubber route in future.

  4. Michael Says:

    One likes to help

  5. Donogh Says:

    These look great – I’ll have to do some myself I think

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