Keep On Trucking

DSCF1207They’re not the most glamourous of vehicles but lorries and trucks are a vital part of every army, so even the usually tank obssessed gamer must have a few at least. Above is a truck towing an 88mm gun, each set on it’s own base. There’s a few different ways of basing towed guns, some prefer both parts on a single base, however I’m gone for setting the towing vehicle to the rear of the base and the gun being towed to the front. When set together it looks like a gun under tow.

DSCF1209Once the guns deployed the truck stays on the table and the gun tile is replaced by a deployed gun, I haven’t finished the deployed guns yet so you’ll have to use you imagination.

DSCF1210Here’s a GHQ 6 pounder being towed by a prime mover.

DSCF1212This blurry shot shows the angle you have to set the gun at, to make it looked towed rather than just static.

DSCF1213A few more tiles, again not the sexiest pieces I’ll ever own, but essential none the less.

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