A place in the country

DSCF1228=Another beauty from the Timecast range finally makes it to the usable in a game stage, but as per bleeding usual what looks to me a near perfect piece reveals my painting flaws only after having been photographed.

DSCF1231=This is a sizable building as the GHQ Panzer IV shows, sits on it’s own little hillock which is fine by me as I do like irregular surfaces on bases. Two sides have the not-very-good Javis hedging, which I’ve hacked to look more rural and reflocked. The other side has some of the excellent Irregular Miniatures metal fencing, while the front has a couple of those cheapo Chinese trees and well vegetated ditches using the offcuts from the Javis hedges.

DSCF1233=Until you notice it you can barely tell how large the front door to this is, it’s more 10mm than 6mm but works none-the-less for it.

DSCF1234=Here’s the reverse, with the delightful detail of three stone piles supporting the rear of the building. One thing I did notice is how this would make a great conversion for anyone seeking a watermill, the back wall seems to be almost screaming out for a scratch built water wheel.

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2 Responses to “A place in the country”

  1. Michael Says:

    Excellent as we expect.
    Interesting comment on the size.
    I have a Timecast set that looks way too big for 6mm too.

  2. 6milphil Says:

    Thanks Mike. Yes some of them are verging on the duo-scale aren’t they? I’ve a few more in the pipeline, some positively massive like the french street.

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