Double Dutch

DSCF1242=A delightful pair of Timecast buildings which I’ve spent quite a while getting right as they’re a couple of beauties. Firstly that penny isn’t part of it, it’s just I know some folk have trouble imagining the 6mm scale so for them here’s an idea, a penny and a cent are around the same size, and even one of those Euro coins is the same size although I’ve no idea which one. For the scale savvy that’s a GHQ jeep, and it shows how perfectly on scale the buildings are. DSCF1244= This pair are rather obviously the same model twice, based on the No14 Zwarteweg where General Urquhart hid in the attic at the invitation of the Derken family for some of Operation Market Garden. Every detail is pretty sharp, although a couple of windows have lost a little detail, and once I’d based them I also realised they sat with a slight slope to them. Now these are minor details which insane spods such as me, and very probably you dear reader, notice mainly because we spend hours working on these models. It’s not a problem and typically we expect such minor flaws, however I have to reiterate how minor they are, one to be fair to the fellow gamer but also because Timecast are similarily mad when it comes to their range and the quality of it. Once before on a forum I mentioned a couple of bubbles and a missing corner to one of their castings and within nano-seconds one of the Timecast team was there replying how if any model wasn’t up to the expected quality they’re gladly replace it, etc. Now marvelous as that kind of offer is, especially when it’s in addition to their excellent quality, it’s not needed. Timecast products remain top-notch, tiny flaws are easily addressed, so if you’re one of the Timecast quality control cavalry don’t feel my comment is anything other than a simple observation. DSCF1246=One thing I did want to do with this base was to make it urban, but passable hence the paving in the middle. I finally found a reasonable paving slab texture plasticard, so made use of that as you can see. Usually for fencing I like it rough and tend to hand plank the whole thing to get a nice rough and ready kind of fencing. Of course this isn’t really suitable for the tidy Dutch suburbs, so instead I’ve cut strips of plasticard and scored the planking effect to them. These have been painted green and superglued into place. However I left the rear fences until last, this allowed more room to put the lawns and the plants in. DSCF1248=The hardest part was the painting. Getting the colour scheme correct was important to me, so a brief look at A Bridge Too Far helped. There’s lots of white detailing which for some odd reason I always fine the most difficult to get right. I’m happy with the finished piece, just hope I never find my command pieces hiding there, although once photographed under two lamps and a flash it does reveal the occassional blemish, which I’ll blame on the Flemish.

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