You hum it and I’ll play along

DSCF1238=Ladies and Gentlemen I reveal to you the very latest development in scratch building lunacy, the world’s one, only and soon to be internationally famous 6mm Piano. Now this is revealled in it’s unfinished state, so no sarcastic comments about the lack of a decent wash nor how the pedals haven’t been painted yet please, as it’s a development of earth shattering importance. There will follow some more photos once it’s finally finished, hopefully not as blurred as this one which sorely tested the limits of my camera.

Before you flood me with a lot of cries of “Why?” let me explain just how and why it came to even be considered. Remember the scene in Saving Private Ryan where they come across a French family trapped on the first floor of a ruined building? There’s a piano in it isn’t there? Don’t feel the need to check, you can trust me on this simple detail. Well as you do when watching an old favourite, me and the boy Slug were discussing various points and he asked me “Why is there a piano in the street?“, “Well son,” I replied “when civilians flee from what’s an impending warzone they tend to try and save whatever’s important to them, but when the firing starts they tend to realise that saving Grannie’s beloved piano isn’t all that important.” – “Fair enough” thought he and that was the end of it, or so I thought.

Fast forward a few months and we’d been looking at all the outstanding reports on gaming conventions on the web, with their wealth of photos. After all the initial Ooooohs and Ahhhhs I started to bemoan the lack of seemingly pointless detail us 6mm devotees find ourselves subjected to. So while the heathen larger scales enjoy wheelbarrows, spare wheels, furniture and the like, we have almost zero to add that touch of humanity to our layouts. It was at this point Slug challenged me to make some, and even went so far as to demand I make a piano; “Like in Saving Private Ryan!” – so viola here it bleeding well is.

The moral of this story is, watch out what you wish for especially in front of your son.

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3 Responses to “You hum it and I’ll play along”

  1. Michael Says:

    ha ha ha ha you are bonkers, Fantabulous skillz

  2. siggian Says:

    I guess you will need to build an appropriate semi-ruined house/building as a setting for this mini-masterpiece.

  3. 6milphil Says:

    Well I’ve plenty of those. 😉

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