DSCF1458Some of the latest bunch to be based- all GHQ and paras starting with these Germans as painted by Phil Walling of Firezone Studio. My photos don’t do them as much justice as his do, revealing my need for a much better macro lense.

DSCF1463Here’s a nice pairing, a British PIAT team hiding behind a couple of small bushes.

DSCF1467British para’s, including a HMG team.

DSCF1478One of my faves out this bunch, a German para command group, including a Kettenkrad.

DSCF1480They’re tucked behind a fallen tree, which brings me to the only tip in this post. When you’re adding twigs it works a lot better if you file or sand the bottom of it before gluing into place. If you don’t there’s a good chance of it falling off over the years.

DSCF1473A trio of German trucks, two set for towing guns, the third more for transport.

DSCF1476Side view of the above, showing how the irregular spacing adds a hint more realism.

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3 Responses to “Para-dise”

  1. Michael Says:

    how long does it take to figure out your post name-puns?
    I would have given up by now…

  2. 6milphil Says:

    Usually under 10 seconds, I can always be relied on to have a dodgy pun on hand. Too many Marx Brothers movies as an impressionable lad I think.

  3. Para-dise Revisited « Says:

    […] about the various parachute units which a lot of gamers like, and they’re not strangers to this blog either. When it comes to WW2 the airborne troops take on a legendary air, and this likely explains […]

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