Fortify yourself

DSCF1766There are few things I won’t attempt to scratchbuild myself, one of those rarities are dragon’s teeth. I don’t know what it is about them but on the few times I’ve decided to have a bash I’ve always found something else to do instead. Luckily for me Mike over at Angel Barracks makes them so I decided to buy a few, some painted to get an idea of his skills and some unpainted so I could have a close look at the casting job. Above you can see the large zig zag ones which are a bargain at £2.75 painted or £1.75 unpainted, and at 155mm long and 25mm deep they’re a sizeable addition to anyone’s scenics. Quite by chance their width is just slightly (3mm) wider than a lot of my standard building bases, including the last bunker I built. So they’ll fit in perfectly.

DSCF1770I also ordered these haystacks, which are a lovely little detail which most gamers don’t have and at 30p painted or 20p unpainted won’t break the bank. I’ve already started on a scenic which will feature these so check back in the next week or so and see what they inspired.

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