Raiders of the bargain bin.

DSCF1733Although a total fiction created as part of Spielberg’s 1981 “Raiders of the Lost Ark” this lovely little plane became a must-have when the boy Slug pointed it out to me in our local Tesco. It is a trifle large when you think of the scale of it in that great scene, but instead of being an advanced fighter consider it as an advanced bomber, and as such an excellent model for a Commando or SAS raid game.

Now I’ve only ever seen this on offer as a model once before, custom built to order and at quite a price. This one was a mere £2, so worth having a quick look down your local town aisle for either the godly 6mm or the heathen 10mm. Okay the expected swastika has been hygenically removed, but hey-ho I’ve some 1/285th decals which will fix this polite omission.

DSCF1734It comes supplied with a well cast but poorly painted plastic base. May have to do a little work to remove the logo, but it’s no great deal.

DSCF1735As if the Gods weren’t perfectly wonderful to me with this find as it stands the base fits onto one of my standard scenic bases like hand in glove. Hurrah!

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One Response to “Raiders of the bargain bin.”

  1. Miguel Says:

    Aaaarghhh! I want one!!!

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