Super troopers

DSCF1742Having a pile of figures painted by the very talented Phil of Firezone Studios which I’ve choosen to base I thought I’d make an effort to do a few special bases not just for the sake of it but because massed based infantry can look very samey, and so a different look for a few different bases can help you keep track of them on the battle field. Often you can find the charge you’ve made with your engineers actually involved light infantry, and the engineers are tucked behind a hedge giving covering fire. Above is a bunch of panzerfaust welding Germans making their way through long grass.

DSCF1744The effect is easy. The figures were based as usual, and a standard layer of flock was applied to cover the entire base except were you want the paths of the troops. Then it’s layer upon layer of static grass, I used four, after each one I used the blunt end of a small paintbrush to trace the pathways in the direction of travel which actually sets the gras to be pointing in the right way. I like this effect enough to be planning to try it with a vehicle next.

DSCF1754Here’s two PIAT crews on a much simpler base. “But wait…” I hear you cry “That’s only one crew!”. Well you’ve fallen into my visual trap, and your vision panzer is now in flames.

DSCF1755The other crew is doing what they do best, well after taking out tanks with a spring fired anti-tank weapon, and hiding in the bushes. I can only hope it’s this easy on the table top.

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5 Responses to “Super troopers”

  1. Les CM19 Says:

    Are you sure you aren’t trying to pass off 25mm as 6mm? There is far too much detail on your infantry!!! And Ithought I was being good picking out backpacks & pouches.

  2. 6milphil Says:

    I like to think it’s a magic mix of Adler figs plus Fireszone paintjob plus a decently scaled base.

  3. Les CM19 Says:

    I first started 6mm when I was about 16 and an opponent fielded some inf on I guess 30-40mm bases but with no terrain and did they look awful. I said why spread the figures out as it will enable them to get caught in area fire more easily (we used WRG Rules). I always crammed them onto 10mm sq bases coz of the rules & being able to fit the elements between buildings & terrain features etc but they do look kind of more natural done in diorama mode

  4. 6milphil Says:

    I’m using 35mm square bases, typically to allow fat fingered newbies to play without crushing figs, but also because BKC doesn’t define base size.

  5. Mark Says:

    Ha! Ha! My ‘Vision Panzer’ is well and truly toast! Lovely!


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