Giant Haystacks


Recently I had a few goodies from Mike Angel which included three haystacks. The moment I saw them the scenic above sprang into my head. I also had some of those wire brush trees and I decided to use one of those, but only after tarting it up a bit as they’re all a bit samey. I did this by cutting a few chunks out of it to give it a less regular shape, liberally covering it with PVA glue and then reflocking it so it looked more like… well, a tree.

DSCF1837The fields were done as I’ve shown before, with the addition of working out where I wanted the haystacks to be and drawing pencil circles around then before applying the wheat stuble. For the hedging I decided to go for a more realistic hedgerow with a mix of everything, plus a small path running down one side. It’s a tidy little scenic, and yes you can fit a vehicle or troop base between the haystacks.

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One Response to “Giant Haystacks”

  1. Michael Says:

    Ooooh good trees skils. I will adopt that.

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