Timecasting Couch

hollywoodNo this isn’t some sordid tale of Timecast’s interview technique for sculptors. However it’s rare to be able to mention wargaming and Hollywood in the same sentence, and even rarer for it to involve wild gossiping, or goss as many like to call it, as if the suffix “ip” delayed the retelling by too much time to be practical. Some perfectly scaled little bird did mention to me that those wonderful Timecast folk have a very interesting little project underway as part of a Hollywood production which is highly secret.

For those who don’t already know Timecast has a reputation amongst gamers verging on the god like, if they were an Indian company they’d already be a Hindi god, if they were Israeli they’d likely be a Hassidic cult who only ever spoke to wargamers. So there’s no surprise in hearing how they’ve a massive commission for an anonymous film company, rather there’s an unbridled joy- part religious wargaming zeal, part nationalistic pride in the Yanks picking a British company, plus a hint of economic hand rubbing in considering just how much cash they’re likely bringing into the country.

Nosey gamers wanting to know more are going to have to go peek through their letterbox or gaze into their windows as it’s all very hush-hush, plus they’ve just twelve days left to meet their deadline. However one glorious detail does reveal how they’re still very much gents of the old school. They’re pulling out all the stops with an eye to finishing early, not in chasing some cash bonus, rather they’re hoping to get a game on the piece…

Well done Timecast!

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