COMETh the tank

DSCF1874Okay it’s not the best known tank of WW2, seeing only really the last seven or so months of the war, but if you’re playing late war Brits it was there and so you need a few Comets and these GHQ ones fit the bill perfectly. Expect the usual sharp cut detail, but also the perfectly scaled but look at it too hard and it’ll bend barrel.

DSCF1877I’ve spent ages picking out the detail on these with various complimentary tones and not a hint of it shows up on the photos.

DSCF1881The basing has been kept simple, slight irregular surfacing to the base, two tones of brown, three types of flock and a couple of bushes.

DSCF1879Made one base decidely urban, but as it stands it looks too clean so I’ll be coming back and putting some rubble about and anything else I can think of, or that you might care to suggest. No I’m not making another piano.

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3 Responses to “COMETh the tank”

  1. siggian Says:

    A pothole or two might be good. Also, a little bit of greenery poking through the tarmac and between the pavers might to indicate some shortcomings on maintenance and repair. Perhaps you already have between the pavers already covered but it’s hard to see.

  2. Ssendam Says:

    Hi There,

    Great work. Can you tell me the detail of the paint and flock used on the bases? You have created a very realistic effect.

  3. 6milphil Says:

    Ssendam, well I could describe it but seeing as I’m working on a pile of bases at the moment what I’ll do is take photos of every stage for one vehicle tile and you’ll get a much better idea of what I’m doing.


    The post about basing can be read here.

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