Communistic work drive

DSCF2212One of the most positive effects the web has on the wargaming community is how competitive it makes us all, and just how that increases both the effort we all put in and the quality we strive for. I’m not exempt from this feverish mix of one-upmanship and public display of the Protestant work ethic. For a couple of weeks now I’ve regularly had my gast flabbered over at the 6mm forum run by Mike Angel by a number of users who seem to be amassing armies with the speed of an out of control rocket car but without the pyrotechnic delight of a huge fireball as a finale. Admittedly they’re forming ranks and files for Napoleonics, but none the less it does look as if within mere moments of the lead landing on their doormat they’re painted it, based it and posted the photos on the web.

So it was time for 6mil mansions to convert to a Stalinesque factory and see just how much I might be able to bash out. I started with eighty blank bases, and the attaching of adhesive magnets to them, each of which had to be cut to size from a roll. Next was scoring the top of each base to give a texture to make sure anything stuck to them stays stuck. Combined this simple combination of activities took Saturday afternoon, and strangely enough reminded me of having ingrown toenails removed, the only connection being how the latter is a much more fun filled way to spend an afternoon. Sunday was spent supergluing the figures onto bases, and where time allowed putting some texture onto the bases, the output in it’s entirity can be seen above, just over forty bases almost finished.

DSCF2213Obviously it’s good to get so much done in a single sitting, but in such a large number it did become a mite tedious. One great positive is it shows how my idea for using scenics details on command stands does help them really stand out. Above is an infantry command with a haystack on the base, look how well it sticks out from the trayful in the first picture, as well as the other command stands.

DSCF2214The same is true of what will become a sweet little command base of British Para’s tucked behind a fence with a track on the other side. Mixing Adler and GHQ figures seems to be working okay, and it gives a great variety to the stands. As these get completed I’ll be posting photos, but I’m not sure I want to try another Stalin inspired mad production drive, it is quite dull and, as if further explanation were needed, it show why communism was bound to fail.

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3 Responses to “Communistic work drive”

  1. siggian Says:

    My solution to making command stands stand out is to make them circular.

    I don’t know. I envy your rate of production. It’s taken me a couple of months to get 20 stands of 6mm infantry done. Mind you, I’m really pleased at how they are turning out, but they’re not finished yet.

  2. 6milphil Says:

    I do use circular stands, they’re the only variant I use, but I use those for forward observer stands for artillery and air support. I’ve made a point of trying to use exactly the same size for everything else.

    I suppose seeing anyone going a little faster is a cause for misplaced envy, in a way perhaps players of Naps or anything involving mainly identical figs in ranks have it a little easier, and how they’re basing tons of figs on a single base rather than the five per base maximum I’m using. A lot of the current ones are heavy weapons and so often are just two or three figs per base.

    Got any photos of your Work In Progress?

  3. LesCM19 Says:

    I figure if the player can’t tell his CO groups from his grunts then there must be some sort of ‘Fog of War’ confusion going on! I squeeze everything from rifle groups to 3″ mortar teams onto 15mm diameter tiddlywinks as standard, heavier weapons & groups when cavalry mounted are arranged on a smallish plasticard base.

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