Nice Bush

DSCF2252No I’m not on the wacky baccy, above is the mix of flocks I’m currently using for bushes. The photo doesn’t show the tones well but take my word for it there’s two tones of Javis bush material and one of another make which I can’t recall. I thought I’d take the opportunity to show how I make bushes, either for bases of miniatures, or scenics.

DSCF2260Here’s the base I want to put a bush on. I’ve chopped the bush mix really quite fine and have it nearby, so I’ve added a blob of superglue gel near the fence post on the base. Then I take a very large pinch of bush mix and squeeze it between thumb and finger to really compress it, then press the whole lot down onto the glue, hold it briefly in place and then whisk my digits away to avoid becoming glued to the base.

DSCF2261This produces a reasonable looking bush as you can see. It can be left like this or pushed and prodded around with the point of a pencil. Often this produces a bushier than bush look but you can tell it’s won’t hold for long.

DSCF2263To make it set in position I then add a single drop of liquid superglue, which the material then sucks up and when dry is much tougher. If you do add this second touch and add too much liquid superglue there’s a danger of the bush drying out with a white finish to it. It’s very much a matter of putting on too little rather than too much, and the only way to figure that out is to practice.

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3 Responses to “Nice Bush”

  1. Za Rodinu Says:

    You are almost making me like big bases. Almost 😉

  2. Andrew Beasley Says:

    I had the same problem with Superglue going white. I’ve changed to use Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement – starts white and goes dry.

    It’s strange stuff – looks like milk / watered PVA, sniffs a bit like PVA but sets flock solid and binds bushes well.


  3. 6milphil Says:

    I’ve found that superglue goes white is you’re using quite a “lump” of it. Thin coats seem to dry fine, must of the time and especially on larger scale stuff I use PVA, it’s very cheap and works fine, although often you’ll want to clamp a base to stop it warping during drying.

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