Dead Eyed

DSCF2485smHere’s another pair of figures from Blue Moon, they’re well posed and good looking zombies, and fun to paint once you get the hang of them. Expect another sixteen of these to come, the only problem I’m having is more photographic ones. There’s certainly a knack to them which I hope to develop soon. The Tamiya Clear Red works well, and at the moment I’m using it sparingly, almost as a wound highlighter. It’s not that evident where I’m using it in the photos, but as per usual the photo image and what something looks like in real life are eons apart.

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2 Responses to “Dead Eyed”

  1. Vampifan Says:

    You’re getting the hang of this zombie painting lark, aren’t you. Phil? I do like the blood splatter effect on the zed with the ripped shirt. I look forward to seeing the rest of these critters.

  2. 6milphil Says:

    Yes it’s coming along. Should have the rest up tomorrow night.

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