The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly

waalsd1This humble blog just passed the 21,000 unique visits mark, which is pretty good for a part-time endeavour started only in April, so it’s probably time for an introspective post which just waffles on about how wonderful we all are. Of course that’s far too metro sexual and hippy like for me to indulge in, especially as I approach an age beyond which I’m expected to only maintain enthusiasm for complaining about things not being as good as they were three decades or so ago. Truth be known I was complaining about just about everything back then, so find myself reduced to complaining about how complaining isn’t what it used to be which is otherwise known as things getting better, and where’s the fun in that?

Neither am I going to thank the Gods, they’ve enough on their plates already and I can’t help thinking how the reason they have apparently stopped listening to us is that we’re dreadfully dull and repetitive in comparison to anything they might think of, and they’re tired of us mere mortals not being able to sort things out between ourselves and holding them accountable for that.

I’m even going to hold back from thanking my readers, whoever they might be, not out of rudeness nor an attempt to reduce my traffic to zero more a healthy disbelief in their existence. Sure I’ve made some chums from this blog, and they know who they are and some slight fawning in their direction is unlikely to effect that beyond sprinkling some embarrassment in their direction. Of course there is a danger that the majority of my traffic is actually one obsessive dress-wearing bearded lunatic with a fetish beyond all understanding other than insane onanism over my meagre words. Sadly the statistics can’t reveal whether this is or isn’t the case, so I’m playing it safe.

Seriously I am grateful to folk who peruse this blog  especially if they find any of it useful, also I’d like to say thanks to those who allow me to repeatedly promote this via their forums, especially as it can come across as mad self-promotion, yet not a word of complaint from anybody.

As the title suggested this post should really address all the good, bad and fugly things I’ve experienced in reaching the Key to the Door mark of 21,000 hits*. The fact is there’s been nothing fugly aside from some of my earlier photography, it’s been almost entirely good, and when it comes to bad there’s just one running grievance, which is how after more than a month a small order from Zombiesmith in the U.S. has yet to turn up. This was my first order ever from abroad and it rates as a disappointment rather than something driven by badness.

If any of this actually encourages you to start blogging I’ve one word of advice – DON’T! Send them to this one instead, I could do with the traffic.

*Yes I know they’re not hits, and hits are something else, but unique visits is too poor a combination to mention twice in a single post.

2 Responses to “The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly”

  1. Vampifan Says:

    Congrats on reaching 21,000, Phil. I’m not far behind you and I’m still amazed that I’ve got so many hits in less than a year.
    I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Zombiesmith. I found them extremely reliable and friendly and I’m sure if you send them an e-mail they’ll respond favourably. They were one of the first figure companies in the USA that I dealt with and I only had to wait about two weeks for my figures to arrive. This is normal, I’ve found for orders to America. Clearly something has gone badly amiss with your order. I hope you recieve your package soon and that the experience does not put you off from ordering from abroad again.

  2. 6milphil Says:

    Thanks Bryan. On the Zombiesmith front it’s been well over a month, and although I agree Josh is friendly he often simply doesn’t respond to an email.
    I’m glad it was a small order, even though I was tempted to go for a big ‘un, I’ll go buy some Studio Miniatures next…

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