Cold War Survivors

DSCF2638Now for the first set of survivors I’ve bought, these being the “Survivors” set DWW14, from Cold War Miniatures range The Dead Will Walk. A very tasty range available via that Ebay, and rather thoughtfully can be bought as a set for £7 or individually for £1.75. These are their only survivors, the other figures all being zombies.

DSCF2636Although a trifle skinny they’re nicely made, and suit a wide range of painting skills. Yet again the young swine Slug whinged to paint these, but ended up only doing the four above. I’m not sure how efficient the minister with a cross might be against a zombie hoarde, but it should be fun finding out.

DSCF2639The last one is this soon-to-be completed female survivor which is supplied as a two piece casting, which is why I think the boy Slug didn’t want to paint her. If the zombies don’t get her the weather very likely will as she’s barely wearing a thing and she looks like she would benefit from a good meal as well as a jumper.

The rest of the range is enticing, including a lot of very charactorful pieces such as a Zombie Krishna devotee, as seen in the original “Dawn of the Dead”, Zombie Elvis, Zombie British Copper, etc, which aren’t catered for by other makers. I’ll be adding more of them as soon as the pile of WiP has been completed. Meanwhile I recommend them to you.

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One Response to “Cold War Survivors”

  1. Vampifan Says:

    Nice work, Phil… and Slug. I like this set. In fact, I like all of the Cold War minis. I’m working my way through the complete range of the Dead Will Walk for my own blog.

    You asked how efficient the cross wielding priest would be against a horde of zombies? Well, Cold War themselves, provide the answer as they have made a zombie priest who is clearly based on the survivor figure. Faith in the Good Lord is all very well but give me a shotgun and plenty of ammo any time!

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