Contamination Three Step

A trio happy in their work from Copplestone. We managed to get a pack and a few spares for this group, and decided to do the spares in a different scheme, the others are going to be white and be a medical containment squad, while these are more a contamination assault squad, and it’s important in being able to tell them apart.

We did have a bit of trouble originally with the wash on these, it was far too dark and gave more of a tiger-stripe effect than you’d ever want, even on a tiger.  The solution was to remix the hazardous orange colour, water it down and apply it as a wash. Two coats later and we had a much more agreeable finish.

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3 Responses to “Contamination Three Step”

  1. Vampifan Says:

    They look nice, Phil. I went for the white suits myself but I only have the one set. I can see why you’ve gone for something different with these guys and it works well.

    Oh, nice to have you back, mate.

  2. 6milphil Says:

    Yes been slacking on the blog, but not on the hobby, I’m going to start spreading the posts out, more like you do, to keep it regular. More Zeds on the way, plus VBCW, and Slug’s WW2 stuff too.

  3. Slug97 Says:

    I really enjoyed painting these, when are you going to paint yours?

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