Wacko Zeddo

Well not so much a thriller as a saga my order from Zombiesmith in the States finally showed up, mysteriously repackaged with about three miles of Royal Mail tape and looking as if the original package had been repeatedly passed through a lawn mower. Originally ordered before the 1:1 scale Jackson popped his clogs I did think something supernatural was taking place preventing this figure and the others ever reaching me, although I’m sure the postal strike might have played a part.

All in all they’re a lovely bunch of figures, but this one jumped the paint queue just so I might show what I think is probably the most must-have zombie figure of them all.

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One Response to “Wacko Zeddo”

  1. Vampifan Says:

    It is indeed such an iconic figure. Nice paintjob, Phil. You’ve painted him almost exactly the same way as I did with mine.

    Now get the rest of them painted and posted on your blog!

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