Every Little Helps

In 28mm scale vehicles are varied and plenty, but typically quite pricey and often more wished for than a regular buy so it’s worth keeping an eye out for toys which fit the scale and this week I spotted a trio of boxsets well worth considering at my local Tesco for £5 a set. First is the Emergency set above, featuring a police car, an ambulance and a vehicle tow lorry. They’re a mix of plastic and metal, ready for gaming or ripe for conversion or wrecking. They lack opening doors, etc, the paint jobs are a bit hit and miss, plus the steering wheels are on the wrong side, but balancing the price against all that they’re a bargain at under £2 a piece. I’m especially looking forward to using the tow truck in game to inhibit vehicular movement by players returning to their getaway vehicle.

The second set are lorries with various loads, one a recycling centre, the other two more pieces of recycling street furniture, and the third a skip. The green recycling lorry, with a little work would make a great decontamination or hazardous load vehicle, but basically they’re all the same vehicle.

Delightfully the loads are all detachable and can be used as street props, which alone would cost a good few quid. They’d benefit from a bit of filth as they’re unrealistically clean as they come out of the box, I mean I’m not even sure I’ve ever seen a shiny skip, usually they’re a perfect example of the kind of rust you’d like to be able to paint. The large recycling centre opens at one end, suggesting an interesting form of transport for a squad wanting to get in or out of somewhere in secret.

The third set were all yellow, rather boring and I didn’t buy them. I’ll not start taking photos in the toy department of Tesco if you don’t mind, I imagine it’s a prisonable offence. If you’re interested hurry along and have a look, they didn’t have many when I bought these, and my local branch in Westwood is one of those massive ones.

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5 Responses to “Every Little Helps”

  1. sho3box Says:

    Those look really good, thanks for pointing them out. I probably have enough police vehicles but the three lorries look like great additions to a modern gaming table.

    I will be keeping an eye out for those 🙂

  2. Mark Says:

    Well I now know where I’ll be going first thing tomorrow morning…

  3. Mark Says:

    There’s still a few left of these at Cardiff tesco extra.

    I agree with all the good things Phil mentions above. The yellow set are construction/maintenance vehicles – a yellow car (same model as the police car), a yellow van and a yellow lorry (similar to the yellow lorry above but without the load). There was also a fourth set for the fire brigade with a car (same again as the police car) a van (same as the construction one) and a fire engine. All ideal for 28mm gaming.

  4. 6milphil Says:

    Glad you bagged some, thanks for letting us know there’s a fourth set.

  5. Mark Says:

    At the moment in the toy pound lines at my local asda you can get a 1/43 fire brigade range rover, a police estate car and a paramedic 4×4. All nice looking, all have the steering wheels on the correct side and all look good alongside my 28mm figures. For just £1 each they are well worth grabbing!

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