All Praise Hymn

It took me quite a while to secure a pack of these and so damned long to paint them that I’ve forgotten which make they are, perhaps a sharp eyed reader will spot them and let us know via the comments. Here they form the St Johns (Margate) Boy Choir part of the Anglican League for VBCW, and even though there’s only two variants (a slight tilt to the position of hymn books) they’re a charming little bunch of rascally looking lads.

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5 Responses to “All Praise Hymn”

  1. siggian Says:

    Good to see that you posting again. I kept checking every once and a while. I hope this means that your are feeling better.

  2. 6milphil Says:

    It’s getting there slowly thanks mate.

  3. rob bresnen Says:

    The army chaplain is BAM (warlord games) Major Turnadust. The chiorboys are from Westwind, from tehir githic horror range.

    Very nice figures, well painted and characterful.

  4. Pulpit Fiction « Says:

    […] figure atop is a double for the St Johns (Margate) Choir Master piece I already had, but wanted to be able to mount/dismount the chap. The idea is the choir of nine can fit in the […]

  5. Matt Says:

    These i fought onside with, as i rember killing them was not difficult. Never did find out what there cabable of.

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