Building Site for Sore Eyes

Having been relatively recently corrupted towards 28mm gaming by the boy Slug one thing was rather obviously apparent, my distinct lack of suitable scenery. Buying it doesn’t seem right especially after all the bits I’ve made for 6mm, plus the expense which is a fair bit greater for 28mm. Now for playing modern, or ultra-modern as some folk call it, means there’s plenty of popular culture to influence the eager scratch builder, particularly films. This piece was originally supposed to be a generic, but is based on more third world goodliness influenced by “Blackhawk Down”.  There’s a similar looking building site during some of the night scenes, typically packed with “skinnies”.

It’s a two floored concrete looking structure, the floors being MDF, the pillars wood and the walls foam board, which has been scored to look like breeze block brickwork. The fencing is a mix of coffee stirrer planking and corrugated paper, and atop of each exposed column is string doped with liquid super glue to look like bare rebar.

The exposed rebar look is very common in the less developed world, or at least the parts I’ve seen. In fact it’s quite common for finished buildings to have quite a bit left exposed on the roof in case the owners want to build an extension in the years to come. This is one of the first buildings I’ve made for 28mm and I’m quite happy with it.

I’ve got the scale and detail just right, and it’ll fit in most of the games I’m ever likely to play without sticking out. The working with wood was time consuming, scoring the brickwork wasn’t quick but surprisingly was fun.

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2 Responses to “Building Site for Sore Eyes”

  1. Slug97 Says:

    Your corruption has very little to do with me!

  2. Donogh Says:

    Outstanding stuff – I love the corrugated iron

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