Put a cork in it.

Although this one is still a work-in-progress it shows what I consider a personal breakthrough in making buildings for 28mm. I was reading through a pile of Matakishi’s Tea House gaming web site, when I came across a load of old nonsense about making buildings with cork tiles. Imagine trying to make buildings from floppy tiles, it just wouldn’t work, hence I set about disproving the whole damn thing by buying some cork tiles. Lo and behold not only does it actually work, but not only that it’s very quick and delighfully simple.

The humble abode here took just a couple of hours to create from scratch to the first coats of paint you can see here. Like all techniques it takes some practice and not a little thought but it’s totally worth trying. I’ll be showing more of these buildings as I take photos, but for practical info just make your way to Matakishi’s via the link above and read his “making things” sections.

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