Gunning for Fun

Blessed with another delivery from Stan Johansen I could finally set about finishing off a couple of more technicals, although I was a little miffed to notice how the commander with binoculars is basically the same figure as the HMG gunner. The difference is the arms, the commander being supplied with three (bins, pistol, AK) , the gunner with a pair clenched together for holding the gun. Now these two are likely to end up in the same vehicle, but even if they don’t they have to have more variety especially as I’ve all ready used another one in another vehicle. So out with the green stuff. All I’ve done to the commander is add a case to his belt for his binoculars, while the gunner has a new turban, a longer scarf off that, and a row of pouches on his belt.

I had some green stuff left over, so decided the ammo carrier could have a small rucksack – which he’s neglected to close properly, so he won’t look too similar to the one of those I’ve already got too.

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    […] Stan Johansen miniatures, the driver and the gunner and loader. The latter pair which have been slightly modified so they don’t appear as the same figures on different models.  The sitting RPGer is by […]

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