Jerry Built

Rough photos, but stunning figures and cracking painting from the boy Slug with these BEF Miniatures early war SS. According to Uncle Crouchie* these are all sculpted for him by the same chap who does a lot of the Artizan range, of course he was more specific but I’m pretty poor with names hence I’ve forgotten who it might actually be. However Artizan figures do have a great reputation, we’ve plenty of them ourselves, so it’s worth mentioning it even if it’s pretty vague.

We were lucky enough to pay another visit to Crouchie Towers today, primarily to grab a pack of BEF’s last release of Germans, but also came away with an Allied Boys rifle team, a Vickers HMG team plus a pile of Belgians. All of these will eventually feature on here, but we still have a couple of outstanding vehicles underway so expect to see those first.

* As the boy Slug now calls him, and to be frank it does rather suit the man himself.

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2 Responses to “Jerry Built”

  1. One for All and Two Two One « Says:

    […] I think he’s done a cracking job, the construction was quite simple of course, but the paintjob is top notch and a mite more so considering it’s done by someone who’s still thirteen. We’ve decided to go for an unbased vehicle as they tend to look a bit better on the table, so we’ve made allowances in really layering on the varnish on the tyres. All in all an excellent addition to BEF’s early war Germans. […]

  2. Slug97 Says:


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