Man the Barricade!

A reasonable barricade made from a shagged model of a Bentley which I gained as part of a won auction on that there Ebay. I’ve just based it, added a few details including some of that rather neat mock barbed wire from Antenocitis Workshop, a Fenris Games dustbin, a box from a forgotten manufacturer, and some corrugated cardboard from chum Em and a few scale bricks from a too-damned-expensive bag from an Ebay trader- not so much forgotten as wiped from my memory from the shock of the cost.

It’s a reasonable piece which will be blocking a road near me soon, especially as I’ve a VBCW game in the pipeline for November. It’s manned by late WW1/ early WW2 British Renegade figures, which is my figure of choice for the bulk of my BUF as they have caps and long puttees which I decided was vital. It’s also worth considering what insanely good value they offer- 24 infantry for £12.95 plus p&p… BARGAIN!

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