One for All and Two Two One

Vroom! Vroom! A beauty of an addition to the Motor Pool in the shape of a mainly resin but with metal bits Sd.Kfz 221 from BEF Miniatures. Now a few of you may be wondering where I find the time to pump out so much for gaming, but the simple truth is that I don’t – as this model was put together and painted entirely by the boy Slug. All I had to do was to pay for it, and do the varnishing.

I think he’s done a cracking job, the construction was quite simple of course, but the paintjob is top notch and a mite more so considering it’s done by someone who’s still thirteen. We’ve decided to go for an unbased vehicle as they tend to look a bit better on the table, so we’ve made allowances in really layering on the varnish on the tyres. All in all an excellent addition to BEF’s early war Germans.

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