Westgate Games Update

A mite overdue but an interesting update on all things Westgate Games following a bit of confusion over it last year. The bottom line is it has been taken over by one Elton Waters, who’s an agreeable chap and the shop now carries a small but fair range of miniatures, and other gaming accessories including some modelling materials and tools. It’s an infinite improvement of what it had become over the years. The best of luck to him, may he roll nowt but sixes.

Given the rarity of proper gaming shops it’s deffo worth a visit, for those of you who don’t know where it is; it’s at 20 The Borough Canterbury CT1 2DR and can be phoned on 01227 457257.

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3 Responses to “Westgate Games Update”

  1. Someone playing Westgate Games? « Says:

    […] Additonal Update: The confusion has been settled, the actually can be read here. […]

  2. Tomsche Says:

    I visit the store once a year (this year it`ll be the 10th of december) on the annual family xmas shopping trip to Canterbury.

    For a country where `classic material` is hard to find (heck, or even modern material) I have pulled out a lot of personal gems over the years, like Last Unicorn ST rpg material and the likes.

    Always loved the store and the chaps in it, will visit it again this year.

  3. Olly Says:

    Sad news update, it appears WGG is no more…


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