It’s all in the Eye… ties.

I was ordering one of those Lead Adventures Forum miniatures of Professor Witchheimer and couldn’t bring myself to buy just one figure especially as I was going to pay for postage from Germany anyway. The only other figure which really grabbed my fancy was the neo-Mussolini made by Old Grenadier which I hadn’t seen before despite behind available from quite a few UK vendors.

Despite the simple three-shades-of-grey paintjob he was a delight to paint, although I have returned to gloss varnish his boots and his other shiny bits since taking the photo above. He’ll be a VBCW leader either called Richard “Tinpot” Tayter, or be a visiting continental fascist called Fray Benitoss, two names but both funnier and with more charm than the slightly dodgy title of this post. Ciao!

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