Morris Dancer

Okay so it wasn’t a million years ago that I was parading my collection of VBCW vehicles with a warm smugness and a general feeling of completion, meaning I could stop buying motors for this project and get on with playing it. Of course I have stopped buying, but there’s still a few odd pieces left in the pipeline. This delicious model of the Morris CS9 LAC by BEF Miniatures is the latest. I’ve had this around for a while, and suffered  a slight delay in sorting out a crewman for it, finally got one from Bolt Action, and here it is ready to play.

It’s a lovely model but it’s suffered from my poor treatment of it to be brutally frank. In attempting to strengthen the gun barrel with superglue I made a bit of a bosh of it, and having seen these photo reveal my poor misty varnishing I’ve rushed back to the spray table and given it a decent coat. This usually remedies the problem.

All that over-analysis finished the model is a cracker. I liked it so much I actually bought two, this one is painted in a two-tone green pattern to match that of the regular army at the time. The other, which has yet to be finished, will be for the BUF faction – but enjoying a more experimental camo paint job. Tally Ho!

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