Verger on the edge of insanity

It’s time for yet another figure not quite finished but we like it so much we took a photo of it for the blog anyway.  Above is one of Musketeer Miniatures fine range of  VBCW figures, this one rather obviously the standard bearer from their Anglican League character set. Now before anyone feels the need to tut-tut let me confess to what still needs doing, which is decent dirty wash on the cleaner piece of the flag, a few passes by the flock box, and some gloss varnish on his spectacles and shoes.

He’s a joyful figure to behold and bears just a touch more than a passing resemblance to Mr Yeats aka the verger from Dad’s Army. The painting was done by the lad Slug, who briefly paused on his BEF Belgians, to help get this figure ready. Meanwhile I’ve been working on terraced houses so all I did on this one was the flag pole using florists stub wire, made the cross atop from green stuff and printed and attached the flag with a slogan which should rally any right-thinking Englishman.

I found this an exciting figure. Not having to paint it may have been some of it, but most of it is just what a lovely finished piece it will become and, like any decent standard bearer, what an immediate focal point it will become on the table. You can get a copy of the flag here.

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