Banner in the Works

Christmas has come early for you lucky folk as I remember to share with you the banner I used for a VBCW standard bearer. Now I used it for the Anglican League despite it having a crown on it, but it’s a message which could be used by any faction, but hopefully not the pesky BUF. To grab it click on the image above and you’ll be offered a bigger version, right click it to save it and then you can print away to your heart’s content. If you have an Apple you’ll just have to figure out what to do yourself.  Expect to play around with the size of your print-out but that gives you the choice of doing it just how you want. Cuppas all round!

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2 Responses to “Banner in the Works”

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    […] Christmas! Following the popularity of the other banner which I shared here’s a pair of new ones as our present to you all. The one above is for the […]

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