Morris Major

Almost finished my other Morris Light Armoured Car from BEF miniatures as seen above. The earlier one was done in British Army colours, and I’d bought this one for the BUF forces in VBCW. One of the problems I’d generated prior to painting this was mild boredom with painting BUF vehicles in the rather simple black scheme we all seem to have adopted. I expressed this to Uncle Crouchie the gent behind all things BEF and he suggested that in their adoration of all things Nazi they might well adopt more experimental ideas when it came to camoflage.

Hence this rather outlandish camo scheme was created influenced in part by WWI camo used by the Germans. It was fun to paint and works rather spiffingly. I’ve managed a finish which looks like someone was let loose with a big paint brush and a number of partially used tins of household paint over a couple of hours of some Sunday afternoon.  I’m claiming this is deliberate, so any criticism of technique is effectively pointless.

The Bofors and Bren came with the kit, the only addition is the Bolt Action crew figure. At £16 each these are lovely little models which I highly recommend.

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