Dad v Son Paint Off Poll (Part One)

Britain’s leading miniature manufacturer, Millwall supporter and professional troublemaker Crouchie recently commented on how The Boy Slug (aged 13) wields the old sable better than his dad 6mil Phil (aged 46). This may well be fair comment, or it could be an attempt at revenge for crimes against the BEF range, history and plain good taste by 6mil Phil in converting them for VBCW.

Aside from sending Slug to bed early without any lead, the best way to settle this is to have a paint-off. For father and son to paint in competition and have you, our peers, judge us in a blind vote to ensure fairness. This will settle things for at least a year.

The first step towards a fair competition is to allow fellow miniature enthusiasts and gamers to decide just what we should paint. So we’ve devised a poll of what we fancy but also with an option to define something we hadn’t thought of.

We thank you in advance for both your votes and your indulgence.

2 Responses to “Dad v Son Paint Off Poll (Part One)”

  1. PatG Says:

    Same fig – personal interpretation.

  2. Igor Says:

    Same figure, something complicated. Perhaps a 1930s Highlander with full kilt, sporrans, bagpipes, etc ?

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