VBCW Flags of Convenience

Happy Christmas! Following the popularity of the other banner which I shared here’s a pair of new ones as our present to you all. The one above is for the Anglican League, featuring the symbol of the Anglican church against the Cross of St George. The one below is for the British Union of Fascists, with the BUF symbol against the Union Jack.

To take a copy just click on the image and either save it to your hard drive or print it straight out. Then’s it’s yours to do with as you see fit. To get a reasonable sized printout at a good resolution I’m typically printing these out at between 5-15% scale, but play around you can make them any size you might need. If you use them please take photos of what you used them for and share them with me, I’d be fascinated to see where they might end up.

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2 Responses to “VBCW Flags of Convenience”

  1. Grin and standard bear it « Says:

    […] Day post, auto- scheduled to allow me to drink copiously I assure you, I gave you a couple of VBCW banners and here’s the figures Iwas working on which I hacked the flags together for. The figure is a […]

  2. rgregory1 Says:

    Just used one of your flags Phil


    Thanks for posting it!

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